day 2: write a (few) six word memoir(s)

Memoir /mɛmwɑː/ from French word mémoire is a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge (wikipedia). I've never done this before and my understanding of what memoir is might be incorrect, but I'll try my best...(more)

15-day challenge

I thought that this is good, at least, to relax my finger and mind so I can start writing something simple and easy. Who doesn't like to talk about ourselves?...(more)

there’s always the first time

I am pretty good with Instagram though, however I follow dog-related account more than I do for human. Or, I use it only for trolling Erick Thohir, the Indonesian owner of Inter Milan, my most favourite football club. I feel sorry for him. No, kidding, I don't. He is the worst, he was sleeping during our biggest 'derby' match in the stadium! He never replies my comment though...(more)

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