day 6: what’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t. why not?

The match between them is called Derby D'Italia (Derby of Italy) because both of them are considered as the biggest two team in Italy who never been relegated to lower division. The title has no meaning anymore since Juve was involved in the match-fixing scandal in 2006 and degraded to lower caste of the league. These two matches are always high tension because of the rivalries among them...(more)

day 5: if you could have dinner with 5 people, who would that be?

Does he need food or his life support will be enough for him, while I am enjoying the food and the John Williams' Imperial March orchestra? The legendary super villain needs no explanation of his reputation. I will not need to question him anything, since he can read my thought and even steer my mind to talk whatever he wants...(more)

day 2: write a (few) six word memoir(s)

Memoir /mɛmwɑː/ from French word mémoire is a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge (wikipedia). I've never done this before and my understanding of what memoir is might be incorrect, but I'll try my best...(more)

15-day challenge

I thought that this is good, at least, to relax my finger and mind so I can start writing something simple and easy. Who doesn't like to talk about ourselves?...(more)

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