day 15: what’s the best compliment you’ve ever had?


The best compliments are words I got from my partner every time I fix something by myself nowadays. Moving to New Zealand has changed me a lot. In Indonesia, at least when I still lived there, the living cost is relatively cheaper than here in NZ. The cost of fixing your car, repairing your clothing, renovating or modifying your house is relatively affordable back home.

But here, the cost is so high. It is mainly because the labour cost here is much higher than how we pay people in Indonesia. When having your car serviced here, in many times you will pay the labour cost higher than the parts cost. Same situation when you have your pants hemmend, your house door fixed, etc.

So, to save money, I learned a lot of things since I came here. Many things that I used to pay somebody to do it back home, now I do it by myself. For example, changing some parts my car, fixing some stuff at home and altering or repairing my shirts or pants. It is easy now because of the internet. You can find everything on YouTube.

I said some, because not all things you can DIY since some serious stuff like electricity, plumbing or construction needs to be done by professional. It requires a certain level of certification before you are eligible to service those things.

By the way, Do It Yourself (DIY) activity is in New Zealanders gene. Plenty of massive hardware stores are available in NZ. They are proud with they ‘wire-8 mentality’. Wire no-8 is the size of the wire that NZ farmers used to use to fix almost everything in their farm.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not cheap. I do appreciate the way they reward people’s skill very well here. I know it’s not easy to be a painter, builder, technician, mechanic, tailor etc. And, if I must have professionals to do the job, I am more than happy to pay the cost.

When I finished my DIY, my partner often gives me compliment and it feels good in a funny way. We should start giving compliment to people when doing small things for us. It makes you feel good, at the same time it also makes the other people feel appreciated.

PS: The challenge has been completed now. I have never thought that I could write 15 days non stop before I started this. I did it. I give a compliment for myself for completing this, and I challenge you to do the same thing.


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