day 14: name one movie that you will only watch for the rest of your life

The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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I believe most of you have watched this movie or read the original book. But, if not, a lot of reason for you to watch this classic movie. Several reasons for me to love this movie.

First, the scenery. If you don’t like the story (but I’ve never meet anyone who doesn’t like it), at least your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty of New Zealand scenery and wilderness. All scenes were taken here in NZ, including the latter Hobbit trilogy as well.

Some of the places are still being used tourist spots, with many tour operators claim that you will experience Middle Earth. But, don’t expect that you will see any movie props left in the location. One of the agreements between the producer and NZ government was not to leave everything behind. Some places still have the prop untouched as mementos. The most popular one is The Hobbiton in Matamata.

Second, I love the story so much. It is about the journey to destroy the ring that brings harm to humanity or should I say, to the people (and creatures) of the Middle Earth. The ultimate ring was created by the evil lord, Sauron, which gives the invincibility to anyone wears it.

The movie describes more than the usual good vs evil. It pictures trust, friendship, sacrifice, discipline, hard work, team work, love, politics and even environmental sustainability. I will not talk too long about the story, as it might be a spoiler for those who haven’t watched.

Lastly, although it sounds cliché, one of the reason I moved to NZ was this movie. Well, it might not be the only reason, but at least if there’s a place where you can experience what you see in your most favourite movie, I believe would be an easy decision to move. 16 years ago, I watched Fellowship of The Ring, and the scenery of the Middle Earth successfully stunned me.

In 3 years living in NZ, I have visited some locations in the movie. In my previous post, I wrote about my horse ride in Isengard, which is in Paradise, South Island. Forty five minute drive from where I live in Wellington, up north to Kaitoke National Park, we can see the location of Rivendell, the Elf’s stronghold belongs to Elrond.

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Sign post to Rivendell in Quenderin (Elvish) & English
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Gate to Rivendell in Kaitoke National Park

I live only 5 minute drive from Weta Studio, the studio owned by Sir Peter Jackson, who directed the films. He is a Wellington living legend and has given a lot to NZ economy with the production of his two trilogies here. Funny fact, he used to live in my suburb.

Although it’s tough to decide whether I love this movie more or Star Wars saga, for emotional reason and how close my life to the Middle Earth, Frodo and co. won this time.

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