day 13: list your favourite: song, quote, food, vacation spot, photo


I prefer picking a genre to talk about here. Several years ago, I found a channel on Youtube named Playing For Change. This is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. They invite musicians around the world to play together, record the music video, try to inspire people and raise fund to build art and music schools for kids around the world.

The first time I saw this movement and their creations, it clicked my mind, that music is a universal language, doesn’t matter who you are, where you are and what you speak. This is their first song, which was inspired by the street musician in California circa 2007.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stranger – Joker.

I have no explanation about this, since I only like the way he said it to Batman. The logic behind this might be, if something doesn’t destroy you, it will make you different to anybody else, who might be affected by the same situation. Thus, makes you a bit more special (or strange) compared to common people. This sounds full of bullshit though.


Indonesian food, hands down. But, it’s impossible to have Indonesian food in Wellington, unless you cook at home. So, my second choice is Japanese food. At least once a week, I always have lunch at an Izakaya style pub. Well, besides they have special discounted price for lunch, Japanese food never bores me.

However, sushi is not my favourite, and I hate sashimi moreover. I dislike raw fish. The only time I ate raw fish was when I had office event and they only served sashimi as the main course.


Paradise. I have gone to that place, and it was really beautiful. But, I don’t need to die first to go there. Someone was so surprised finding out there is a city named Christchurch (despite the fact it is the second biggest city in NZ), I bet she will be passed out if she knows there is Paradise on earth.

paradise 2
Glenorchy, gateway to Paradise
It is located in the South Island of NZ, around 60 minutes from Queenstown. You drive 45 minutes along the shore of Lake Wakatipu to a small town named Glenorchy, before finding out that there’s no exit in Paradise. The place can only be reached by driving 4WD vehicle, walking, biking or horse riding

paradise 1
Horse riding in Isengard.
For the fans of The Lord Of The Rings, Paradise and its surroundings are the location of Isengard and the tower of Saruman in The Two Towers. I took a horse riding through this movie location as the part of the LOTR tour. The guide also took us to the place where Boromir was murdered by the Uruk Hai. She showed the trees, although honestly, all trees there were looked the same to me.

paradise 4
Some of the horses were the LOTR cast.
paradise 3


One photo that truly represents Kiwiana (Kiwi culture) for me.

paradise 5
A car and a truck had to give way for this long herd.
photo credit: @kiwihusky


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