day 12: what are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

Winter in NZ is so bad, especially in Wellington. Not only you will have freezing temperature, but also the southerly wind and gale. So, this year we decide to run away from this.

We will go (or come) home to Indonesia. We haven’t seen home for more 3 years, since we moved to NZ in 2014. We will also end our honeymoon, because technically we are still in on it since we leave Indonesia one day after we got married. This trip is also the first time after 3 years that we will see our lovely dogs. It is so exciting.

I wonder if they still remember us, although research shows that dogs can still remember people who left them after a couple of years. Although, this will also be a sad moment for us, since we will not see the other two dogs because they passed away while we were here.


We have wrote a very long list of food that we wanna eat back home. There’s a lot of food that we miss from our hometown, that we have almost never had here. One occasion when we traveled to Auckland last year, we had Nasi Padang (food from the western part of Sumatera). But, yeah the taste is quite different, it might be because they couldn’t find the right spices and ingredients in NZ.

Talking about food, one of the food that I am looking forward to eating it is Sweet Martabak. For westerners, you might be able to call it Indonesian pancake. It is a dessert, made from dough and baked using a cast iron pan. Its porous texture is close to English Crumpet, but much bigger in size. This food originally comes from my parents hometown, Bangka Island, but another city, Bandung, claims its origin. Weird eh?

The topping can be anything as weird as Toblerone chocolate, Nutella spread, banana, durian, matcha, etc., with some young people start to modify and innovate the culinary experience. I prefer the traditional one, with chocolate rice, peanut, sesame and…. cheese! Yes, I know it’s weird, but Indonesian do eat chocolate and cheese at the same time. My French fellow said it’s a sin.

I hope that three weeks will be long enough for us, since we have so many things to do, friends to see and, the most important thing, food to eat. So, watch this space.


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