day 9: describe the best day of your life to date

22 May 2010, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid.

The night was black and the blue stars dusted in the sky, the universe knew that night was the night of the Nerazzurri (the black and blue). Internazionale FC won the UEFA Champions League 2010 final, completing the Coppa Italia and Italian Serie A won a week before.

interPeople may ask why I pick this day as my best day in life. Why don’t I pick my arrival day in New Zealand, my birthday, or even my wedding day?

If you are not a big fan of sport club, you won’t easily understand this. This club has been the part of my life since 1991, or since I was 8 years old. Since the first time I watched they played on TV, I knew that this club would be my last club to support for my entire life. I believe in love in the first sight, and this club is my eternal love.

But, you may say, clubs and countries win and lose every year, why bother? Not for Inter. Being fans of Inter, you are prepared to suffer every season. I have encountered countless heart breaking disappointments. Like in 2002, when we lost the pole position just on the last day of the league. Sucks.

The first major trophy they won was in 2006. Yes, they won minor trophies, but it took me 15 years to see them won the scudetto (Italian champion). There were a winning streak after that, 5 years in a row as the league winner. But, there was something missing, being the European champion.

Inter is a club with a very long history, which I will write in the future. Before 2010, they have won the UEFA Champions Cup (tournament among European domestic champions) two times. But, the last time was 1965, or 45 years ago.

For 2010 tournament, the journey to the final was very dramatic for them. They unconvincingly qualified to the round of 16. In the semifinal, they faced the Spanish giants, which seemed to be unbeatable that year, Barcelona.

Inter won the first home match. In the second match in Barcelona, they played with 10 men in the last 65 minutes. Their key player was red carded because of theatrical manipulation from Barca’s player. 65 minutes of hell for Inter, but they survived. The match was so intense, so I literally cried when the final whistle blown.

In the final, they beat FC Bayern, the German champion, 2-0. All goals scored by Diego Milito, their top scorer for that year, who also scored the winning goals in the Coppa Italia and the scudetto decider match. Finally, after 45 years, Inter was crowned as an European champion. We won not only one, but THREE trophies! What makes more special, we are the only Italian club to win three major competition in a year until now.

But, since then, the winning coach left, the new owners come and go, and back to normal, Inter fan might need to wait for another 45 year to have something special like the night in Madrid.

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