day 8: describe ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of yourself



I am good in remembering faces. Furthermore, I have a decent photographic memory. I don’t know whether it is a bless or a curse for me. Sometimes, it helps me remembering every detail I experienced in work and daily life. I can easily build relationship with my clients, colleagues and friends, as I can talk about their family or life they told me once.

On the other hand, I sometimes struggle to forget any bad things happened in my life. The level of details I can remember is unexplainable. I can even recall what happened decades ago.


I am bad in saying no. And, this is killing me since I usually overwhelm myself with commitments. I know this sounds cliché, but yes, I feel really hard to reject others, as I might disappoint them. It might be because I don’t like when somebody says no to me as well, who knows?

However, it doesn’t mean that I will forget or not care about what I have agreed to do. I always give my best in doing everything.


I love to have an argument about everything. I don’t easily accept whatever people said, especially when I feel it is really wrong. But, I know, for some people who are not close to me, it seems rude and annoying. Sometimes, they feel like I’m trolling, where in fact I’m just asking. Mom complained a lot with this habit.

I don’t like mainstream. I don’t like being the same side with the majority, because having more nods doesn’t make they are right. I am open to any discussion, as long as it is logical with facts and figures, not just filled with your mambo jumbos. If you can convince me, I will gladly change side and agree with you.

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One thought on “day 8: describe ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of yourself

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  1. Argument about everything? I couldn’t agree more! Haha… It is still fresh in my memory, that day when we were on a First Aid (Youth Red Cross) competition in Puri Indah. One of the coaches (that we despised) commented something ugly (couldn’t recall the details) about our teamwork or whatsoever then Tonny argued (which made sense) his words. Our solid Youth Red Cross team became different after that day. Yeah, some people just can’t take it (the argument) and that others who think differently is their enemy…


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