day 6: what’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t. why not?

Watching my most favourite football club, FC Internazionale (Inter), plays in their home ground live.

Their home stadium is San Siro or sometimes called Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milano, Italy. Giuseppe Meazza is the legend of Milano, who has played for both clubs of the city. His career was mostly spent by playing for Inter in two stints, 1927 – 40 and 1946 – 47, where he became the all-time goalscorer until today.

He then played for Inter’s main rival, AC Milan, only for two years in between. So basically, he is the legend of Inter, but because of those two years, he is declared as Milanese (the city) hero. Hence, AC Milan prefers San Siro (the district where the stadium located) name to Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, because he is too identical to Inter.

Anyway, the main reason for me is I have never been to Italy, or even Europe. Also, I don’t want to travel there just to watch them playing with mediocre team (yeah, I know, Inter is rubbish as well now). I only want to be there for a derby (match against same city’s club) match with AC Milan. The match is beautifully called Derby Della Madonnina (Derby of the Madonna’s children) to honour the statue of Virgin Mary on the top of Milano’s Duomo.

Or, versus Juventus. The match between them is called Derby D’Italia (Derby of Italy) because both of them are considered as the biggest two team in Italy who never been relegated to lower division. The title has no meaning anymore since Juve was involved in the match-fixing scandal in 2006 and degraded to lower caste of the league. These two matches are always high tension because of the rivalries among them.

Another thing to consider is the cost. Those matches are not cheap. It might cost me more than 500 Euro for the ticket, depends on what class you are sitting on. And if I have money, I might not get the seat because it is a always full house! Millions of people have the same dream like me, so they come from as far as China and Japan to watch this kind of game, especially after they expand to Asia.

Time is also a constraint for me. There is no regular schedule for these games, hence the time is always different each year, varies from September to May. Furthermore, there are only two matches in a year. It is so difficult to plan the long trip to Europe, especially for an employee like me, where I need to book my leave days far ahead.

I have watched them when they came to Jakarta 5 years ago. They played twice and I came for both matches. It was my closest encounter with the club. However, it must be far more thrilling if I can see them in Milano. I might need to lower my expectation by just attending match any team Inter play with.

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