day 4: what’s your favourite childhood memory?

My childhood was lame, honestly, nothing special, at least according to myself. As long as I remember, I can’t find anything special during I was a kid.

I have an elder sister, whom I always fought with. She was ultimately annoying. She always bullied me, she pushed me from a wall when we were competing to be on the top. It was a bloodbath for me and left me with a deep scar on my eyebrow. Mom canned her after that. She broke my birthday present, an air soft gun my dad bought for me, straight when we went home from the toy shop. However, when we grew, she reconciled by being so kind to me, sometimes buying me shirts, paying for the food, etc. I think she regrets what she has done to me.

Our family was not a big fan of family trip. It might be because of my family economic situation, my parents had to save a lot. We didn’t have car, until I was 8. So, four of us did travel on a motorbike, or to be exact, Asian style moped. To my kiwi friends, it will never happen in New Zealand, but in Indonesia, yes! I know that it is really dangerous, but hiring a taxi was too expensive for us at that time.

At school, it’s no better. I was bullied a lot, because I was always the youngest kid in the class I reckon. Mom sent me to school too early. Kids in my kindergarten were amazingly aggressive, too much MSG in their food, perhaps. I remember that there was a bully stabbed a pencil into my face, and luckily it was just 1 cm missed from my left eye. The scar is still there.

I also had a habit to separate myself from my family when we were going together, especially at the shopping centre. Countless time that my parents had to call the mall information centre or security officer in order to find me.

One time I was separated from my mom when she picked me up from school. To make it worse, I didn’t stay there. I chose to walk home alone. My mom was panic, and she hysterically thought that she had lost me forever. My sister, this time I am glad with what she did. She heroically called my dad using a public phone, which is too high for her to reach the numbers. I was found by a passerby, who saw me crying while walking, almost 1 km from my school. He drove me back to my school. I was 4 years old when it happened.

I really want to thank him for saving my life.

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  1. I heard this before, when you got lost and found. It was adventurous when I first heard it but it is a totally different feeling now (as a parent). Lucky you, he is a good guy 😀


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