day 3: tell about an article of clothing that you are deeply attached to

This is a tough question to answer, since I am not a big fan of fashion. I wear something that makes me comfortable. I don’t have any preferred brands, although lately I often buy shirts from a New Zealand brand named Barkers. But, again, the comfort and quality are my main reasons to buy from them.

Also, I only buy checker-pattern shirt, not because I am supporting the current incumbent for my hometown Governor election (yeah, he lost). I just prefer checker shirts to the plain one, without any specific reason. It might be because my mom always bought me a checker shirt, when I still lived with my family.

However, since last year, I am attached to a pants from Lululemon. My former boss told my colleagues that I am glued to that pants, because I wear that pants so frequent at work. I own three pairs of the same model, just different colors. Now, I am even looking forward to buying another one.

There is nothing unusual with the model, it is a basic cut pants. However, Lululemon has an idea to give it a not so usual name. They name it ABC pants.

ABC means Anti Balls Crushing. Yes, men’s balls.

They claim that the fabric and cut will not crush your balls when you are crouching, stretching or squatting. It also protects your manhood when you are riding bike. Hence, the pants will make any girlfriend or wife happy, as it protects the family jewel.

ABC pants
Business Insider AU team is trying to test the pants to the max.

Since I bought the pants, I have virtually been wearing them to everywhere, from working, walking, bush walking, and even attending company’s event. The fabric itself is so flexible, so that it can be quite formal to wear at work and still wearable as an athletic wear. It is heavenly comfortable. Another plus point, I don’t need to iron them!

I am not endorsing Lululemon in this post, but if I can, I will throw away all my other pants and wear this pants for my entire life.

photo: Business Insider AU

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      1. hahaha iyaaa bangett.. dulu pernah ada yang titip beli yogamat, ribet yah bawa ke jakartanya, tapi harga asli dan harga online di jakarta bisa beda 50NZD, gelooo…


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