day 1: list 15 fun facts about yourself

If you don’t know what Friendster is. It is a website, I called it the 1st generation social media pre-Facebook, which was very popular among South East Asian users around 10-15 years ago. One of the features was allowing your friends to send a testimonial about you, and sometimes a quiz for you to answer. So this type of question was very common.

However, Facebook came and killed it, and now the new owner relaunched it as a gaming site. Good old day though, with no politics, hoax and hatred post, just fun, although sometimes it was really embarrassing because your friends could post something silly about you.

Here we go, without further ado, let’s start the 1st day of the challenge by answering the Friendster-style question.

  1. I only have one name. This brings a lot of trouble in my life.
  2. I’m good at learning new language, at least remembering words in foreign language.
  3. I have photographic memory, especially for people’s faces.
  4. Although, I’m bad in remembering people’s names as well.
  5. I love history. Funny, since I got red mark (or equivalent to D) for my year-10 history subject.
  6. I love dogs, but I never had them as pet, until I met my partner.
  7. I started school too early, so I was always the youngest in my classroom.
  8. This is my most favourite number. It represents continuity.
  9. I have been supporting FC Internazionale since 1991. I know they are rubbish now, but they are the only (at least for now) Italian club that won a treble (3 major trophies in a year).
  10. I play computer and console games a LOT. Since 2014, I have been playing DOTA 2 for almost 1500 hours, not to forget that I watched that game-related video on youtube hundreds of hours as well.
  11. My first console is NES in 1988 which I got from saving my pocket money. It still works perfectly. Same with my SEGA Genesis 1992.
  12. I love finance and investment. My first investment was NBA and Dragon Ball Z card.
  13. My childhood superheroes are Gavan & Sharivan. Youtube helps me to find a couple of clips of them.
  14. I love Japanese food, although I don’t eat anything raw. Only one time, I ate raw, because my workplace’s event only provides sashimi and I was starving as.
  15. I still get along with my best buddies from year 5-7, and we are still in touch until now (23 years later).

I think it’s enough. It’s harder than I thought apparently.

4 thoughts on “day 1: list 15 fun facts about yourself

Add yours

  1. Love history? remind me the journey to the museum and Monas…couple years ago.. on a bright Saturday…. silly…


  2. 16. Multi-tasker? It was in the classroom of 2B (Budi Mulia high school); Math subject; ‘Wawo’, our favorite teacher, was delivering his teaching. I was paying attention on Wawo as he preached and at the same time, Tonny was talking to me relentlessly, couldn’t recall what was he talking about but I knew (or I thought I knew) that Tonny was not paying attention on Wawo at all then Wawo came after Tonny asking relevant questions as he speak. I thought Tonny would be punished or so but surprisingly, he can answer the questions thrown at him. And I was in my disbelieve, how did he do it? Talking and listening at the same time…


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