15-day challenge

When I roamed on the internet several weeks ago, I found a twitter account, then a blog owned by the same owner (https://chezlorraine.wordpress.com) which led me into the creation of my own blog (I’ve explained this on my 1st post).

One of her posts is a 15-day challenge to write according the topic the challenge suggested every day. The topics itself are mostly about yourself, your life, or your opinions about something. I thought that this is good, at least, to relax my finger and mind so I can start writing something simple and easy. Who doesn’t like to talk about ourselves?

15 day challenge

It looks easy, but I am sure that this is a quite challenging task. Some topics seem to be too personal. I’m not a big fan of sharing my privacy too much on the internet. I always try to limit my social media things just for my closest friends. However, this will be good kickstart for me to start writing.

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