there’s always the first time

I will leave the free picture from WordPress as a reminder that I need help from Houston, since I have no experience whatsoever in managing a blog. My best experience with social media is with Facebook, where I deleted hundreds of stranger, or so-called friends, or any sudden-political-commentators that fed my time line.

I am pretty good with Instagram though, however I follow dog-related account more than I do for human. Or, I use it only for trolling Erick Thohir, the Indonesian owner of Inter Milan, my most favourite football club. I feel sorry for him. No, kidding, I don’t. He is the worst, he was sleeping during our biggest ‘derby’ match in the stadium! He never replies my comment though.

I do have a passive Twitter account, where I follow people, only to know what is going on in my home country. But, again, most of them are sucked to the debate about the current governor election in my home town. Meh.

If I’m not wrong, this is my second WordPress account, since hmm.. 10 years ago?? I remember writing the only post on the blog about my experience riding a Bajaj or Tuk-tuk. How do I remember that random thing? I don’t know. I remember too much random stuff. If only I can use that space to learn something useful, I’m pretty sure I might make Stephen Hawking looks mediocre. But, I choose my path to utilise my brain to remember the face of Adam Sandler’s mom in Water Boy, who is on Titanic as well. Or, the man who rows the safe boat and rescues the freezing Kate Winslett. He is the leader of the old Fantastic Four. Yes, I watched Titanic last night on TV.

Then, during the Easter weekend, I was thinking about doing something useful or something that will keep my mind stay sharp. Just a quick note, I watched the Geography Now channel on Youtube ( for 4 days in a row, watching the host explaining countries in the world, which most of the people don’t know that they’re exist, to fill my Easter holiday. Just be honest, do you know that there’s a country name Eritrea or St. Vincent & The Grenadines? My partner doesn’t.

Another Youtube channel that I watched on those days told that if you disagree with somebody, shut your mouth up, write a blog. Well said.

And, voila, I met somebody from Twitter and read her blog. She writes a kinda random things about her experience living abroad, which is really interesting for me. Yes, it suits me. The idea to write a blog just pop up out of my head. I created an account, picked the best name I could find and tried my best to write something that I will share with you.

Here we are. The first post of mine.

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